Riverfront Commons is an 11.5 mile walking/ biking path that runs along the Ohio River from the city of Ludlow on the west to the city of Ft. Thomas on the east. Eco-system Restoration, Riverside Stabilization, Economic Development and Recreation are benefits from the development of this venue. Nodes (intersecting pathways) will provide connections to attractions in all of six Southbank cities. Once created Riverfront Commons will make the south bank of the Ohio the most interesting walkway/bikeway in the mid-west. Riverfront Commons will seamlessly connect over the Purple People Bridge to trails in Cincinnati, to the Licking River Greenway in Northern Kentucky, the American Discorty Trail, and to Devou Park in Covington.

The 15-20 foot wide path will feature open park space at strategic points along the river, accommodating both walkers and bikers. A series of points of access, or nodes, will provide easy linkage to neighborhood, residential, business, entertainment and historic districts.